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Loss of font

I have just downloaded v 1.55a and up graded my previuos installation.
Unfortunately it will not run - I get a message saying the program cannot find nwcv15.ttf. It's true I don't have this anywhere 'tho I don't know how I can have lost it.
Also, I cannot re-load it from my original disk as I only have v 1.3 which does not have this file.
Where do I go from here, please

Bryan Wylie

Re: Loss of font

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You cannot use the upgrades on a prior copy of NWC that is older than 1.50. If you were running version 1.31, for example, then you need to download and install the entire version 1.55a program using the NWCSETUP.EXE file. The upgrade page gives you all of the necessary links.