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Measure numbers
Sometimes I like to have all the movements in a single NWC file.
Very feasible, even more since the limit on the number of objects has long been removed.

The problem is that, in this case, the measure number is always from the beginning of the score while I'd like to have it reset at the beginning of each movement.

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Scattered measures sharing the same number would make the Goto Command a bit of an adventure ...
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   Mmmm, yes.  I suppose each bar would have to have, and show, both a real (fully consecutive) bar number and also a "pretend" one relating to the relevant section, the former being shown (but not printed) and used by the Go To command etc, the latter being shown and printed but not used.
  MusicJohn, 5/Nov/12

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Of course.

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Something like a bar line with an "offset" attribute to add or subtract a constant from the real measure number until overridden again?
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Much better and simpler: a bar line with a fixed and absolute bar number.
If you use an "offset", each time you modify the number of measures of the first movement you must change the offset of all the others.

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A constant added to an absolute measure number maintains the functionality of the GoTo Measure command like Rick said earlier.  Go to which measure 14?
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Obvious answer: measure 14 from the beginning.
Not necessarily the number that could appear on the printed page, just the number that appears in the ruler in the editor.
Nothing new: the very same thing that happens with page numbers in in Word or in pdf.