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extension lyric words

Hi friends,
I ask you how you can get a good result for the extension of the words in the lyric, if this is possible. I tried to add the underscore (underline) in the text entry box (X), but its position is always either too high or too low, or off-center. There is no automatic way to do this?
I am attaching a small example
Thank you.

Re: extension lyric words

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Trying to get an answer for Lorenzo I made some experiments with "Underscores shown as spaces".
It's a thing I didn't touch since a long time.
...and I found no difference with that option checked and unchecked!
Am I overlooking something?

Re: extension lyric words

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It works OK for me.

Entering a single underscore with a space on either side of it will show as an underscore when this box is checked and will be a blank space against the relevant note if the box is unchecked.

Re: extension lyric words

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Got it.
The underscore is very slim and (do you remember Murphy?) exactly on the limit of the staff highlight...