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Vers. 1.55 Experimental

I thought I understood that the experimental features would apply to new song.

However I have tried everyway (?) to get the feature to work in a new song. The page setup shows that the staff layering fuction is activated but when I go back to the song there has been no layering.

The experimental file staff layering function examples by NWC works OK but when I start a new song the staff layering function does not work. Anyone else having this problem with 1.55?

Am I missing something?


Re: Vers. 1.55 Experimental

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Addendum to previous message.

Yes, the Restrict Experimental Features in the Options File menu is unchecked.

Re: Vers. 1.55 Experimental

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Figured it out. I did'nt check staff layering in staff properties. I should have read the help files a little more thoroughly.