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Issue reinsatlling 2.1 authticity ID

I have been a user of this program for many years and had to reinstall before. This time when it came up with the ID, it requres a code that has a format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx with more than 4 characters in each. I have xxxxxx-xxxxxx in mine is there a different link for me to use? Thank you very much 


Re: Issue reinsatlling 2.1 authticity ID

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I'm looking at my installation disks ...
Ver 1.30f (3.5" floppy) has a code in the form of: xxx-xxx-xxxxxx
This was added by hand, probably by me.

Ver 1.75b (2004) has this same Code: xxx-xxx-xxxxxx printed on a sticker applied to the jewel box that houses the installation CD.
It also has an Authenticity ID: in the form of xxxxxx-xxxxxxx

Starting with Ver 2.0, the Authenticity ID: is in the form of xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
Ver 2.1's ID has the same format, but uses different letters and numbers.

This page may help: NoteWorthy Composer V1 Downloads
I suspect that you may need some info from a previous installation to get a working version of 1.75c

If you have a Ver 1.xx CD, you can use this link:
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Re: Issue reinsatlling 2.1 authticity ID

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I found the downloaded copy I had for 2.0 so I am good with this immediate issue.  Once I am at 2.0 are you charging for 2.1 or is there a link were I can get it?
I am ok either way, I just want to make sure I am finding the right links.

Thank you