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Cue notation

Is there any way to put in cued parts (played by other instrument but included FYI.) They are usually indicated with smaller notes. I tried grace notes but they weren't spaced correctly.

Re: Cue notation

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Not directly in the current version (or any other program that I've used so far). Another difficulty with grace notes is that they will be sounded when you play the file, with perhaps unpredictable and unwanted results.

It's conceivable that you could do this be adding notes as text (see the previous message), but it might involve a bit of experimentation; i.e. using text strings consisting only of spaces (in a standard font) before/after the notes (in NWCV15 font) to space them as desired.

Re: Cue notation

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How was the spacing incorrect?
My main problem with using grace notes for cue notes is that NWC won't allow half or whole notes, and that they sounded.
Sounding can be fixed by adding a hidden dynamic marking which turns note velocity to 0 (or perhaps 1, maybe zero is a special case), or channel volume to zero.
Whole and half notes can be worked around by adding text, but "support" for cue notes would be nice. I mean, it's nearly there already.


Re: Cue notation

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Another way that I once solved that problem was to create a duplicate staff, add the grace notes, mute it and layer it with the first staff. I don't know how to deal with notes longer than quarter notes.