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Registering Software AGAIN

I have a laptop melt down. It went into intensive care and is now back on its feet. So now we have to reinstall the software again.
I Have Noteworthy 1.75b and have just tried to registerit again. I've got a range of numbers to intpu but don't know which ones to use.
I have two groups of three digits followedby 6 digits or
an Alpha plus 5 digits followed by 7 digits.
 I got into the habit of writing the numbers on my discs but now they don't make sense.

Any advice would be appreciated please.

Re: Registering Software AGAIN

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The full version of NWC 1.75 did not require registration codes.  It was automatically registered at purchase. You can reinstall using its CD.

Also, a prior purchase currently qualifies for discount upgrade pricing for NWC 2.1. Our home page has links and more details.