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small print preview

Why NWC with 2.1 the width of the page print preview is half its actual size? Does anyone know give me an explanation and a solution? Thank you.

Re: small print preview

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NWC offers several views. You can cycle through them by clicking where the "magnifying glass" icon is present.
Right click will cycle backwards, so a single right-click will yield maximum magnification.

Print Preview always starts out by displayng the entire page. Since music is usually portrait and monitors tend toward landscape, this is often fairly small.

Typically, the views are:
  • fit page
  • fit width
  • bigger (there may be several of these)
  • maximum (1 screen pixel = 1 printer dot)
How many views you get depend on paper size, orientation and resolution of the printer as set by the Printer Setup Command.
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Re: small print preview

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Many thanks. Actually was not the fault of the NWC, but my printer set to print ... envelopes.

Re: small print preview

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As you note, when NWC is first opened, it uses the printer default settings that are already set for the device. You can use File, Printer Setup to change the settings as needed.