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Putting two stems on a single note.

I am starting to work with NoteWorthy, and am arranging some choir music with it. Is there a way to have a not with both an up and a down stem so show that both Soprano and Alto should sing the same note?

Matt Asplund

Re: Putting two stems on a single note.

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This convention is also widely used in piano music, to say nothing of the violin etc. when adjacent strings of the instrument are played in unison to re-inforce certain notes.

I think I know what Eric's reply will be, though.

Re: Putting two stems on a single note.

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I also think I know what the reply will be... but, as I noted earlier, the product used to support two stems on a note, or at least two notes of differing value but the same pitch on the same staff - and then that feature was eliminated.

Re: Putting two stems on a single note.

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Overlapping notes are not currently supported by NWC. This is spelled out in the chord member section of the help file. This has always been the case, although an earlier version of NWC failed to prevent a second note added to the same note position on a staff. It also very often GPFd when this oversight was exploited.

We are still looking into providing support for this in the future. This is a popular wish list item, and as such, will be given priority status as we upgrade the product.

Stay tuned.

I hope this helps.