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Does anyone know how to get NWC to recognize the character č in the Staff Lyrics (or any other text section)? I've tried to change the category in Page Setup... (Western, Baltic etc) but unlike š for instance, č just doesn't seem to be present in the library. Any way to add it myself?
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Any font in NWC is changeable to a font of your choice (even the system font). Just go to Page Setup (on the Files menu, or just push the little button that looks like an open book), choose the Fonts tab, highlight the font you want to change (in this case the Staff Lyric font), and click the Modify button. You can change it to any font on your computer.

There are also six "user font" slots available for adding fonts in addition to those NWC normally uses. Most of us use special fonts in those places, to supply musical symbols that NWC doesn't provide (like arpeggios). But you can change the other fonts as well.

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Thanks for your quick response!
I'm afraid this is not a font problem. Even when I choose a font that usually recognizes the character č on my computer (like Arial for instance), the č is automatically replaced by a c in the lyrics section. As I said, this is not the case with š or ž.
And while I'm at it: would it be possible to underline some text in the lyrics? The only options I see are "bold" and "italics".
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I'm afraid this is not a font problem.
It is a Unicode problem. NoteWorthy does not support Unicode.
One way to tell if a chracter is Unicode only is to paste it into NotePad. If you try to save it as Encoding:ANSI, NotePad will warn you about losing characters.

And while I'm at it: would it be possible to underline some text in the lyrics? The only options I see are "bold" and "italics".
Those are the only options provided. Here is an inadequate workaround:
|Text|Text:"Underlined text"|Font:StaffItalic|Pos:9|Placement:AtNextNote
|Text|Text:" ____________"|Font:StaffItalic|Pos:9|Placement:AtNextNote
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Ah, your "inadequate workaround" just solved another text problem I had! For the lyrics its is indeed not ideal unless you can superimpose two Lyric fields. Defining |Lyric 1| twice doesn't do the trick, and neither does the insertion of a Lyric 2 field with underscores (or "="): If you want to align the underscores with the syllables you want to underline in Lyric 1, you need hyphens, and these will be visible in the Lyrics 2 line...  Maybe it's easier to create an EMF file and add the lines (& the diacritic for Unicode č) on it.