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NWC2 (and Betas) allow users freedom of choice.

Being rather lazy, I love using User Tools which other people have made available:
ClefChange.php      by Bryan Creer    (eg. Changing Violin 3 parts to Cello)
EmptyBars.vbs       by Peter Edwards (eg. Create a Tempo staff which goes to the top of my score
                                                         and contains all the tempo info)
GlobalMod              by Andrew Purdam ---Used literally in dozens of "Toollets"
MultiBarRests         by Kjeld Hansen   (Automatically calculates and supplies MBRs throughout  a                                                   staff                 in seconds)

.........will have to continue later.


Re: NWC2 (and Betas) allow users freedom of choice.

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Other User tools which I regularly use:

Parts (adp)            by Andrew Purdam (To split out multiple voices on one staff into separate voices, each copied to its own staff)
Ranges (adp)         by Andrew Purdam  (To report the lowest and highest note present in a staff)
XNoteSpace_NOTEs_CHORDs_adp         by Andrew Purdam  (To add extra note space to selected Note(s) and/or Chords) Very useful to nudge a note or chord.
Be careful to select before running. Otherwise you'll need a quick Ctrl-Z to undo the action which this tool would've applied to the whole staff.

To translate MXML output from SHARPEYE2 to NWC2: MXML2NWCC.exe by Nicolas Hatier

I keep the whole orchestral score in one NWC2 file,
therefore I frequently use Visibility "Top Staff Only" and copy down through the file those things which the conductor would ONLY want to see on the top staff,
but are required by each orchestra member.
This allows me to adjust individual parts for best printing, which is my priority.