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Percussion Clef in NWC1
I exported an nwc2 file to nwc1.75 file.
This is the nwc2 file.

Some tracks are hidden, so un-hiding all the tracks will help you observing(?) the error.

This is the nwc 1.75 file.

The sound is not same.
In the nwc1 file, there had better be bass clef, not treble one.

I've uninstalled the 1.75, so I cannot change the clef.

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Re: Percussion Clef in NWC1
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Confirmed. Percussion Clefs become Treble Clefs and the note positions do not change.
Should be easy to fix. Until then, workaround is to change Percussion Clefs to Bass Clefs before Export...

Related problem is that transpositions in Instrument Patches are ignored.
Not so easy to fix or work around.

These are all the same pitch:
After Export... , only the first note is correct.
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Re: Percussion Clef in NWC1
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Beta 16 is now available from the start of this topic. It includes the following fixes and enhancements:
  • When exporting percussion clef to 1.75 format, bass clef should be used
Confirmed. NWC2 Percussion Clefs are now exported to 1.75 format as Bass Clefs. This keeps playback intact.
The issue with transposition and volume changes in Instrument objects remains.

Reference: Export Command
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