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NWC 1.52a

Hi NWC-er's,

I downloaded 1.52a 32-bit version last night, and installed it today on both my machine at home and my machine at work.

On both machines, in different pieces of music, I noticed the score editor doesn't always redraw "cleanly". E.g. sometimes a few of the notes are shadowed, as if the picture is ghosted (like on the old TV's).

Moving the score out of the window and then back again cleans up the display.

My home machine is Win95 SP1, Trident SVGA 800x600. My work machine is NT 4.0 SP3 (128-bit), S3 SVGA 1024x768.

I've not seen this before in prior NWC versions I've had. Anyone else seeing this? Also, one time after I stopped play of a score with F6, the window didn't scroll back to the start of the score when I pressed the Home key (the cursor was already at the start of the score). I had to "click" into a measure in the staff, THEN press the Home key to scroll back to the start of the song.

Sorry, I haven't found a way to duplicate these minor nuisances yet.


Re: NWC 1.52a

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No such problems observed on my system using 486SLC66, Win3.11.

Re: NWC 1.52a

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Sometimes the score looks funky if you scroll back quickly. It may be a function of your video card, but I'm not sure. At any rate, the refresh button fixed it for me.