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Varible note on/off timing (Smoother Playback)
Is there any way to vary the ratio of a notes on/off playback timing?  Staccato notes sound good, however, the on/off timing of regular notes seems to be such that the notes, during playback, sound rather percussive even if a non percussive instrument is used for playback.  I like the 'smooth' playback sound when a tie is placed over the entire staff.  This, of course, plays havoc with any lyric that is associated with the staff.  Obviously note 'off' timing is changed to zero when a tie is used between a couple of notes or an entire series of notes.  What I am looking for is something more closely approaching the 'smooth' sound of a tie but still having the notes play as a distinct entities but with not quite as much 'off' time between the notes. This would result in a 'smoother' or more continuous playback sound.  Any suggestions?

Re: Varible note on/off timing (Smoother Playback)
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Insert a Performance Style of Legato (or Tenuto). You can cancel the effect with a Performance Style of Semplice. Hide as needed.

If you want to do this for an entire MIDI channel, try Sustain Pedal.

NWC2 doesn't cause the percussive effect, your soundcard/soundFont handles this.
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Re: Varible note on/off timing (Smoother Playback)
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Thanks Rick for your quick response.  Adding the Legato performance style does the trick.  It 'smooths' that clarinet right out!  A much more pleasing audio experience.

Re: Varible note on/off timing (Smoother Playback)
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That is indeed what I do myself. Legato where needed, and Visibility:Never.