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intelligent collision resolution in layering

I have used NWC, and now NWC2, for a cappella vocal work.  So, I use a lot of layering, which works great for the most part.

Are there any plans to make layering more intelligent when it comes to collisions?  Examples of what I would call collisions are:
  • two parts are singing a second interval -- notes collide
  • one part has a quarter rest, other part has a note in the middle of the staff -- note and rest collide

Yes, I realize that these cases can be handled manually by, respectively, shifting one of the notes or by moving the rest up or down.  What I'm hoping for is some logic that would allow NWC2 to do this automatically, at least for common scenarios like those above.

Any plans for this already?  Has it already been wished for, or should I head over to the wish list.