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Question about getting to song's temp

I unserstand how to insert a tempo setting, I am having problems getting to the
Tempo of the song I am working on. It is a Vocal style piece, with the tempo right
newr the begining of the the song.

I am only finding settings for adding new tempo setting. The new setting is not replacing
what was there. when looking at the song it says  quarternnote = 90 quarternote = 70
quarternote = 50. I know the last one applies, and it plays OK, but it looks cluttered.
especially when printed. Is there any way to get to the original one and change it?

Thanks in advance for any help you can ofer


Re: Question about getting to song's temp

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You will find little grey diamonds near to (immediately to the left) of the note that accompanies the tempo marking.
This is the selection handle. Put the cursor immediately before one, hold down the shift key and press the right arrow key. This should have selected the grey diamond.  This will have selected the tempo mark. You can now either press the delete key to delete the tempo mark or hold down the alt key and pres enter to edit it



Re: Question about getting to song's temp

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...or move it up or down if you want to keep it but it's in the way of something.