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Users of for e-mail service

Currently, if you use as your e-mail ISP, you will not be able to receive any e-mails from our web site, including activation e-mails from this forum. This ISP has chosen to block e-mails from our server. Although an inquiry has been submitted, we are not very optimistic that the wheels of progress will move quickly or effectively in this case.

Consider using a different e-mail ISP if you want to have reliable e-mail service. There are many free ones available.

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Wednesday, Oct 3
Thank you for submitting your inquiry. A response will be sent within two business days to the e-mail address you specified.

Re: Users of for e-mail service

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Would it help if customers complained? If so, a copy of your notification might help me compose one.
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Re: Users of for e-mail service

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The form that I filled out was very short. Since you, as a customer, don't receive anything when this ISP blocks the e-mail, you are basically powerless in the transaction. I forwarded some of your bounces to you previously. I can send you more if you would like.

Re: Users of for e-mail service

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Well, maybe things will improve:

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 11:32 AM
Subject: Re: RBL Removed

Dear Administrator:

Thank you for contacting

The mail-server IP address(es) associated with your request will removed from the block list within 24-36 hours from the date of this letter.  AT&T WorldNet Services, it's affiliates, and network services customers do NOT intentionally block legitimate mail in the course of our anti-spam initiatives and regret for any inconvenience this may have caused.  If the IP that was recently blocked begins to exhibit the characteristics of a compromised network object or is compromised by an offender of Acceptable Use Policies, the IP address will be blocked again.

Administrators: Please thoroughly check your IP logs before requesting removal.  You must determine that all traffic from the blocked IP is actually from your mail servers to ensure your network is not compromised. Administrators who fail to do this may experience subsequent and more resolute blocking.

Thank you for helping the AT&T WorldNet Services network combat spam in all its forms.


AT&T Internet Investigations and Security Systems Team