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Soundfont use

If anyone out there can tell me how to use the Soundblaster 64 AWE Gold soundfonts
for introducing new instruments in the available list, I will be very gratefull.

Re: Soundfont use

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I think that this is a job best left to your SoundBlaster manual and help documentation. Once you get it, you can add your own custom patch lists into the NTWPATCH.INI file in the NWC program folder that match your custom instrument assignments.

Re: Soundfont use

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Have a scrounge through the archive of this forum
( and you'll find more postings of good sites for awe64 soundfonts. I use a 4Meg soundfont just for general midi, and am very happy with the sound. I don't bother with extra sounds, though I'd love to find some good Indian or Middle Eastern percussion.

Re: Soundfont use

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Can there are a personn who can explic me how can I use to better about my sound card, Where can I find udpates of General Midi, MT-32, Numeric 1 and O, I an user of an AWE64 Pnp Card.

Thank you to help me.