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HELP please new MIDI driver doesnt play right
HELP me please...

I recently got a new MIDI player/driver, the "Yamaha SYXG70". It sounds a whole lot better than my old AWE32 driver, but when I run NWC, i have 2 main problems.

1. The notes are not synchronized with what sound is playing, the sound usually starts a second or two after the visual "note highlights" start.

2. Not all the staves play! I tested out a few songs I made that have just 2 staves (staffs), but only 1 of them plays! And in some, NO staves play!


And yes, I DID select "Yamaha SYXG70" in the MIDI Options box as my playback instrument.

If anybody replies please send me an E-mail copy of your reply.

Thanks a lot!!!!!!

Re: HELP please new MIDI driver doesnt play right
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You need to get a 450 mhz dual pentium-II (or faster with even more microprocessers) computer with the not yet available agp bus sound card. :)
Seriously, a software synth places extreme demands on the CPU and therein lies your rub.

Re: HELP please new MIDI driver doesnt play right
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In response to your reply, I have decided to switch back to my old AWE32.

Re: HELP please new MIDI driver doesnt play right
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I got the Yamaha synth back in december, and have found
that sounds much better than AWE and I use it with NWC.
I had the same problems you had.
For the record: I have a K6-200 so its not exactly the
fastest machine avaliable either (still good enough tho).

First of all that delay unfortunately happens no matter
what, but if you can put up with the delay then you'll
find that it is entirely worh it.

As far as some of the notes not playing... well I had
that problem. There are two possible reasons I know of:

1. You should check the Yamaha setup:
The synth allows you to select sound quality
(up to 44khz cd quality) and also polyphony (the maximum
notes that can be played at one time).

I'm just guessing that the main problem is that polyphony is
set too low for your MIDIs. You can set it up to 128! but
that really taxes your processor so you should be able to
set it around 48-64 reasonably.

2. You mentioned that you selected Yamaha XG as your
playback device under "Midi Options." But each individual
staff can be set to a different synth. Move through each
staff, and press F2 to access the staff properties and check
to see that each staff is set to Yamaha XG. Sometimes
when nothing was playing it was only because that an
individual staff or two had no playback device selected...

It can be a bit of a pain at first, but it just takes
getting used to the setup. NWC allows you to access
the patch banks so that you can use all of the Yamaha's
drum kits (which put AWE's drums to shame), and all of the
600 or whatever instruments are available. :)

Re: HELP please new MIDI driver doesnt play right
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First of all, even with a K6-266 (somewhat "old" compared to new machines), there is a way to configure the "Yamaha Soft Synthesizer S-YZXG50 MIDI system" to make it play in "real-time". You can adjust it to start asap, or to use not more than 30% of CPU for example.
I've played a bit with fine tunings on that driver and finally found a sound that starts at the moment wanted (ie when it's highlighted in NWC or when I hit the key using Piano1.1), and with a sufficient quality --better than my SB16 anyway!

HTH, then.

I had showed this to a friend of mine who plays viola and theorb, and he asked me if it was possible to use that software for organ sounds , like using soundfonts.
Whichi I don't know.
Is there a software that allows this (using soudfonts or something like that) , without needing the latest microwave-processor (i.e. more than 1.2 GHz) ???
What would be an other possibility, preferently not too expensive (because, for a reason I can't explain, musicians who play *old* instruments are never much to spend...)