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Back-to-back repeated sections?

I'm scoring a tune that has two simple repeated sections, back-to-back. I end the first section with a decorated "Master repeat end" bar, then begin the next section with a "Master repeat begin" bar. This creates an empty bar between the two repeats.

That doesn't affect playback, but it's unsightly and somewhat confusing to instrumentalists. Is there some way to produce a single bar with repeat dots on both sides?

- Bill


Re: Back-to-back repeated sections?

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Glad to see it's not just me who has this problem. Now there are twice as many people asking for normal-looking repeats let's hope the question will be addressed twice as quickly <grin>

Re: Back-to-back repeated sections?

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Care to make that triple? I'd like to see a fix for that, too, since I'm working on a couple of marches which have back-to-back repeat sections. My current approach is to use first and second endings, but that's just a hack as far as I'm concerned, and not a true answer.