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Heartfelt Thanks
I am astounded by this product, and not only NoteWorthy Composer itself, but the users of this product that make it overwhelming.

Tina Billet, what in the world do you do for a living?  How can you afford to spend the countless hours entering this amazing music?  I never dreamed that I would see the orchestral score for these masterpieces; I listen in awe as I see the very mysteries of these works reduced to the notes on the page, so within grasp, yet so out of reach of my limited abilities!

Then there is Anndra MacEanruig's orchestration documentation--an entire college course encapsulated into a few pages of well-written information.  I'm starting to feel empowered and this frightens me!

There are many others who are creating User Tools, other useful documentation, etc.  Great work!

I purchased NoteWorthy Composer to create scores that could be submitted to the Copyright Office; this product has served me well.  Now, with the amazing information that you are providing, I now feel that I can branch out beyond the southern gospel genre and tackle some compositions for the orchestra at my daughter's school.  What you have provided makes this possible.


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Please, where can I find the orchestration documentation?

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Check out Orchestration.pdf,
and Orchestration2.pdf.

Hope that this helps!


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Hi, Joel -

Good to see you over here from the PGMusic forum.  Yes, Noteworthy is such an awesome program.  I've used both NoteWorthy and BIAB together for many years now.

John (jford)

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In case there were problems, those links should be:

The /ftp/ part was left out.

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Thanks Pär!  Yes, I did neglect to include the ftp in the link.

And, yes, John, it is good to see that you also are a committed user of PG Music products; and to think that you are practically a neighbor!

I have found NoteWorthy Composer to be a great companion for Band-In-A-Box and PowerTracks Pro.  NoteWorthy Composer has always been the finishing tool for the output of the other tools, but on my recent project, things are working the other way around.  BIAB allows me to enter chord progressions, which I then output as MIDI files.  Importing these into NC, I then transpose the chords into the proper ranges, and Oila!, I have a template that I can work with.  This makes composing much easier.

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Yep, I've used the tools both ways as well.  It's a lot easier to import a BIAB drum part, for example, than trying to painstakingly enter a whole drum set worth of notes manually.

And yes, I'm just over in Manassas.

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"Tina Billet, what in the world do you do for a living?"


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I feel the same way about Noteworthy. When I got my first illegal copy (I admit it) I did not quite know what to do with it. Since then, I have benefited so much from Noteworthy's ease of use and capabilities, that I can safely say that Noteworthy changed my life, or at least many of my evenings.
Being busy with music, using NWC, has improved my musical capabilities. Considerably so, I might add.

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NoteWorthy has changed the way I do music, and given me more incentive to spend more time with it. The hassle, frustrations and limitations before were just ... wearing me down to idleness.

I use NWC more for MIDI than for publication/notation even though I realize it is not the main design and intention. However, with very little software that can accomplish both at the same time, I will call it home for now.

It's too bad the MIDI world hasn't progressed as it should. Maybe software like NWC will help take the standard past v1.0 someday.

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I have tried Sibelius and Finale and still I keep coming back to NWC.
You would've thought for soo much more money it would have been better, but no it isn't.

Orchestration pdfs
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These orchestration pdfs seem to no longer be on the Scriptorium. Does anyone have a copy to share?

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These orchestration pdfs seem to no longer be on the Scriptorium. Does anyone have a copy to share?

They're still there, but the Scripto has some security measures in place so files can't be linked directly from other web sites.

If you go here:
and look for:
"Anndra MacEanruig's Orchestration Notes, parts One and Two (PDF files)."
You'll find the active links.
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Thanks! Very helpful info there!