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Vocal duet

I am looking after some nice vocal duets (classical, folk etc..) for soprano/tenor or soprano/ baritone in nwc or mid format.

Thank you in advance!!

Re: Vocal duet

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Such things exist. Try a search engine, and use suitable keywords. It helps to narrow it down. For example, you might try Irish folk song duet noteworthy, English folk song duet midi, or other likely combinations. Also try operatic arias, if you can handle those. Often, the music files are posted as public domain, but not always, so read the rules.

In most cases that I know of, the music file does not contain the lyrics, but you would have to add them yourself. Fortunately, the page with the music file often shows the lyrics separately.

You won't find many (legal) recent folk songs (Dylan, etc.) becuase they are still under copyright.