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Mixing note size

I've checked the font selection but don't see an alternate font for notation.  I have a score that uses two different note sizes to accentuate the leading part.  Can this be done in Noteworthy?  Thanks, Miguelito

Re: Mixing note size

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In a few cases, you can use the NWCV15 font as a "user font" and place the odd-sized notes as text items. They won't be heard in MIDI, but will print. You will need to experiment with the proper user font size.

The catch is that in most cases, NWC creates notes out of component parts (separate note-heads, stems, and flags or beams). Not all of these can be made when the NWCV15 font is used as a text user font.

The solution is to check the Scriptorium for the "MusiSync" font, or find it by Internet search. This free font has a variety of pre-formed notes and note combinations, which may be set as a user font, for placing text notation of whatever size you like.

Re: Mixing note size

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Another dodge is to use grace notes for a (very) small size. This is useful mostly when adding cues to a part: the last phrase of some other instrument's part to help you know when to come in. Disadvantages: sounds weird (you have to mute them for playback), doesn't take up space (you can add invisible rests), no half or whole notes (but you can use NWC15 as a user font to fill those in.)