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missing thread
Okay, what's going on?
I was reading a thread yesterday, I wrote a reply, refreshed the page, and some previous replies had vanished.
Today, the thread isn't even there.  No was I look through the list of threads, I see that 3784 is missing, as are 3782, 3779, as well as many others.
Is something wrong with those threads that cause them to be removed?
[I'll bet that this one is removed also.]

Re: missing thread
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Not necessarily. This forum can be found by search engine. Once in a while, someone who is evidently not a NWC user (or prospective user) comes in search of something that clearly does not relate to this forum. It is usually a technical question about something else. Often, whoever asked the question never comes back. But since the question can be found by search, after awhile other with the same problem come, and soon it turns into a forum thread about something else.

If a prospective user sees many postings about someone's problem with XYZ hardware, or unrelated software, it may create the incorrect impression that there is a problem here. Usually, that is not the case.

There are also persons who prowl various Internet forums, hoping to locate the e-mail addresses of persons interested in a partcular topic, for their own purposes. When a message appear that seems to have such a purpose, it may be removed.  The poster rarely returns, anyway.

I don't work here. That's just my guess.