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midi maps for ensoniq and roland gr-50

I'm using both an ensoniq vfx keyboard and a roland gr-50 guitar synth for NWC input. the problem is, both of these units have different midi maps from each other as well as the NWC map (see where this is going?) and i'm looking for a (quick)permanent solution to setup nwc to handle the remnapping that i have to go through everytime i choose a different instrument voice.

anybody have any ideas?

thanks in advance

mike (newbie)

Re: midi maps for ensoniq and roland gr-50

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Assuming I understand your question...

The original MIDI Mapper used to handle this situation quite well. The wide spread use of multiple patch banks makes that original solution no longer viable, which is probably why the MIDI Mapper is much more simplistic in recent versions of Windows.

There is no automatic way to handle this inside NWC. You would have to manually re-map each part. If you establish your patch names in the NTWPATCH.INI file, the re-assignment job is made easier.