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Soundfonts and banks!

I'm new to the world of Soundfonts but I know enough to say that my souncard isn't a SBLive or anything like that. It's a Realtek AC97, which I know isn't officially compatible.
I've downloaded some soundfonts and I've unpacked them, but I don't know what to do now. I used a demo of 'Audio Composition' to see if they work, which they do, but because it was a demo I couldn't edit any banks, and I dont' know how to put them in a bank or how to access it now. Can anyone help me or direct me?

Re: Soundfonts and banks!

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Search this forum for "Timidity"


Re: Soundfonts and banks!

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Also be sure to check out, noted in the same message. Particularly for sampling of different soundfonts and combinations of different soundfonts, the Synthfont program can be a bit easier than timidity. One does not need to create cfg files just to hear a soundfont, but can simply load the soundfont into any track of a song through a quick F3 and F4 key.

The program does work with the sound system. (I have the misfortune to have the same sound system in my Toshiba laptop)

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Y'know, Fred, a bit OT, but . . .

I have tried Timidity in the past and ran into a couple of questions. The program does not have a help section and the site is a bit limited in that area, so I thought you might be the best source of info as the resident guru.

1. After creating and loading a new cfg file at the site, I can't seem to get it to take effect on preexisting songs. The prior soundfonts seem to simply control (even after exiting and reopening the song and/or program). (The "Console Window" reflects that the new cfg has been loaded after the default Timidity cfg, if that is of any help)

2. Is there any simple way in Timidity to change the soundfont for a particular track of a song (but not all), and to change the selections of soundfonts in the various tracks? I can create a cfg that includes to various desired soundfonts, but AFAIK, I can't get the different tracks of a preexisting piece to "change" to the desired instrument in the new cfg file (at least in Timidity).

Bit off topic for NWC, but I suspect other NWC users might run into the same situations or questions as they use Timidity as an adjunct to their NWC works.

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Sorry, I don't know. My experience with TiMidity is very superficial.

I'm hoping that Tim Brechbill is still reading these and will jump in with the answers. If not, you could probably contact him via his website.

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Thankyou very much, everybody for the help. Timidy is brilliant, but I'd like to know how to use the fonts in Noteworthy, I have no idea about banks and the like and everywhere I look you must have a compatible card and they don't explain how to do it without a soundfont-compatible card. Thanks again.

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Steve, Please use my TiMidity Forum for questions like this and I will try to help you.

1) The .cfg file you last used will always be the one TiMidity uses when it restarts, so if the cfg file is correct, it will apply to any midi.

2) You cannot change soundfonts in Timidity by track#, but you can use different sf2's for individual instruments. I am assuming you have tried my TiMidity Soundfont Configurator. This should accomplish what you want unless you need to use different sf2's for the same instrument in the same midi. If it is for your own use, you could even do that. For example, you want to use a solo trumpet from one sf2 in one place and a different trumpet in another section, you could do this by selecting an instrument you aren't using, like 122 Seashore, for the 2nd trumpet and then replacing instrument 122 Seashore in your .cfg file with 56 Trumpet from the 2nd sf2.

If you still have trouble, send me the .mid and .cfg files  ( and tell me what you are trying to do.

The best I have ever done is simply save the .nwc as a midi file type 1. You can start TiMidity and open the .mid file and play it. You can leave TiMidity open and everytime you resave the .nwc to .mid file all you have to do is hit the play button in TiMidity and it will play the newly saved version. Pretty painless.