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Double stems

Is it posssible to place up and down stems on a note to indicate that the note is to be sung by both voices on a staff (ie Tenor and Bass when written on 1 staff)?

Re: Double stems

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I am having exactly the same problem and was forced to consume more paper by creating separate SATB parts and well as the accompanyment. This means 4 staves plus the Grand Upper and Lower staff equalling six in all.

The other situations that are problematic are occasions when I need to split parts for a few bars (for clarity) and then return to SATB. For example, on occasions where there are two Sop. and two Bass parts. As NWC now is, this means 2+1+1+2+2=10 staves!

NWC Support: how about adding this feature to the next version of NWC?

Re: Double stems

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This is not yet possible. The exact rules regarding chords are listed in the help file section for Chord Members (under the Insert command help).

I hope this helps.


Re: Double stems

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In the demo version of NWC that I got off the net before I purchased it, it was possible to have an up and a down stem on the same note, with different note value. I even had composed some scores with that property.

When I bought the product (I think it was NWC12), that feature disappeared and I couldn't do that anymore.

It was a disappointment. Sometimes you need it.

- seb