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lyric for second ending
I have a song with two verses. When I try to add a second ending, I can't get the ending of the second verse to appear in the second ending. It shows up under the end of the first verse, in the first ending. How can I get it to end up where it belongs?


bob k.

Robert Keefer Gettysburg, PA

Re: lyric for second ending
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Look into the "God save the Queen"-example, as it's done there. Briefly, you add "empty" lyrics below the first ending. (Had the same problem when I did my only score so far.)


Re: lyric for second ending
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You can add empty syllables with the underscore character, which will enable the second line to skip the notes in the first ending. Another alternative is to add the lyrics for the second ending in the first lyric, thus enabling it to line up on the same vertical plane within the special endings.

I hope this helps.