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Failed to install

The setup hangs when installing walz3_4.nwc. What's happening? I'm  using Win98 with 256mb RAM.

Re: Failed to install

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The file "walz3_4.nwc" is the last file to be installed. After this, a series of system changes are made, although the status message is not updated. The following system changes are done, in order:

  • The uninstall string is placed in the registry

    You can see if this was added by looking at Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.

  • Optionally, the Start menu and desktop shortcuts are added

    Simply look on your desktop and in your Start menu to see if these appear.

  • Optionally, the *.nwc file associations are established

    Look in the program Samples folder using Windows Explorer. The *.nwc files in there should have their type specified as "NoteWorthy Composer Song".

  • Lastly, the NWCV15.TTF font is installed

    Look in your Fonts folder to see if it was installed.
Look through this list and see which step was the first not to complete. This will let you know where the problem is happening. The most likely case is that the system is hanging on the font installation. I do not know why it would do this, but if this is the case, you can simply install the NWCV15.TTF font manually from the NWC program folder.