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I attemped to use NWC32.exe on a Windows for workgroups platform with Win32s running.
All appeared to be OK when composing/amending but when I tried to play the song, I received an error message box
with the title of Patch Cache.
The message said

An attempt to cache patches failed.

No sound or playing was heard although the first chords in the music changed colour is if to sound. There it stayed although
the program had not crash and F6 (stop) stopped the attempt to play.

Anyone any ideas about this ??


Re: NWC32

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The 32-bit edition of NWC is not supported on Win32s. The necessary multimedia support is not available on Win32s, so we are unable to support it. The 16-bit edition continues to be supported for use with Windows 3.1, including the Win32s variant.