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Keyboard/computer setup

Hi, I have finally registered.
Many queries I find relate to the setup of your system. For example, I have full size piano keyboard in front of me with the computer keyboard in a pull out tray below. My piano is high up and I sit on a high chair. Now all I do is enter notes with right hand on piano kybd while entering hot keys with left hand on cmptr kybd. This is for right hand treble music. Now - for left hand bass staff I enter notes with left hand on piano kybd and use the number keypad plus hot keys with right hand on cmptr kybd. One main feature that switched me from Passport Encore to Noteworthy was the use of space bar for rests in Noteworthy. In Encore, you have to press the R on keyboard, then press a piano key, then press the R on cmptr to get back to notes. Not very convenient and rather annoying. Am now reading all past forum msgs and will have lots of questions and suggestions soon.
Rgds. Gordon.