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Text above the staff
When I have inserted some text - for instans DA CAPO - above the staff and want to delete this text again, how do I get it deleted without having the notes below the text deleted simultaniously ?

Re: Text above the staff
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Ok, I know that the message will disappear, but it doesn't matter for my reply since, precisely, it is about duplicated messages.

Couldn't it be possible, when a message is submitted, to check whether it is identical to any message posted less than 1 minute ago, and then don't display it at all ?

Re: Text above the staff
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It is possible, and maybe we will do just that. However, often times the duplicates are more difficult than this one. Sometimes, people duplicate their post in a reply, then start a new thread with the same question. Sometimes, they modify their question slightly in the duplicates. So, it can be tough to catch it automatically, but easy for us to detect when we check the new posts.

Re: Text above the staff
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Thank you for your response. I agree with all of it.