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Crossing Parts

I am writing a choral piece and need to have a tenor note below the bass note on the same staff. I cant get the stems to go in the correct direction (ie: tenor C stem up below bass e stem down.)

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Sorry. NWC will not allow you to do that according to Rule 4 of CHORD MEMBER COMMAND help section.

I am also a barbershopper and opposing voices (Stem direction) notation is also required. There are instances when the tenor note (stem up) is below the lead (Stem Down) and this problem sometimes involves the Baritone(Stem Up) and Bass (Stem down). This problem is a wish list item.

Re: Crossing Parts

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Don, Thanks for the response. The wish list is getting to be quite long! I think it's time for Santa to fill his bag (:

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I do barbershop arrangements as well, and I find that I have to just put in the higher note with the stem down, and then after printing, write in the lower note with the stem up!