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NWC on Linux

I was wondering, is NWC on linux a possibility cause I really love your software but even with WINE I cannot use it under linux. So I was wondering if you were going to add more OS that NWC will run on. Plus, there are very few notation programs for linux and the ones that I have found are not anywhere as good as yours. And most of them are the kind where you have to type in all of the notes into an input file and the program makes a PostScript file for you. And that isn't good for us people who like to use their keyboards to enter notes into the program and get playback. So would you please take it into consideration to make NWC for Linux also?

Codey Whitt

Re: NWC on Linux

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NWC *can* run on Linux with Wine.
See the item related to it on the Scriptorium : NWC Scriptorium
Thanks to Matt Johnson. I first tried to use NWC with Linux Mandrake 7.0 but I had troubles with the NWCV15.ttf font; Matt's solution gives the necessary instructions on how to make it work!


Re: NWC on Linux

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Just a thought : I first tried to use Wine with the KDE GUI; Matt's using Gnome. It *may* do some differences.

Anyway, Here is what Matt wrote in the .tar file (Readme file) :
Matt Johnson <>

Well, here's the bare bones of the instructions.

If you aren't experienced in Linux operation, this patch isn't for you.

1) Obtain the latest Wine source code. Using CVS to obtain source is generally a good idea.

2) Change directory so that you are within the root of the Wine source, i.e. you are about to run './configure'.

3) Do: patch -p0 < ../path-to-this-directory/nwcfont.patch
One file should be patched with no rejections.

4) Build Wine and install it.

5) Copy the .pcf.gz files in this directory to a place where your X font server can find it. This generally means in a directory below /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ .
Remember to run mkfontdir in the directory after adding them in!

6) Do: xset fp rehash
This -should- tell the font server to reload fonts. However, it's not guaranteed to succeed. You may need to restart X to get the fonts to be seen.

7) The fonts have a foundry of "noteworthy".
The output of: xlsfonts | grep noteworthy
...will show if the fonts have been correctly installed.

8) Run NWC under Wine!

Have fun! If you have problems, then you can mail me at, but I make no guarantee that the above procedure will work, nor that I will help you via email. :)

DISCLAIMER: This patch is not supported either by the developers of Wine, or by NoteWorthy Software. Problems running NWC under Wine are not the responsibility of either of these parties.

Re: NWC on Linux

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Thanks, I'll try that when I get home. Sorry I didn't look in the help section first.