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NWC an overall view

I seem to have raised a hornet's nest from some of your clients. This was certainly not my intention.

I have had this software for less than a week and my first impression was that it was miraculous! My present opinion is no less impressive. Surely I am allowed to ask "If only...."

I can well understand that my requirements may be a little different from others, but the printed parts are so beautiful, I would like them to be even more so and not need to be overwritten by hand.

Don Ferguson was good enough to show me that spaces could be added after the insertion point when adding text to a staff. This simple explanation has overcome most of my problems with producing instrumental parts for a symphonic wind band.

In suggesting two separate versions, this would only require an extension to the present (non playable0 character setin the Text option. I do not want to see any changes to the playback version which gives great delight to your followers. I just want to produce beautiful working instrumental parts.

Is everybody happy :-)