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WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

Hi! i need to know if there are any freeware softwares outhere that convert wave or aiff files to MIDI formats.

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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I forgot to metion that I am using a mac g4, that this freeware could be for the mac


Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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Opinions differ. There are apparently programs that can handle simple .wav files (for example, those containing a melody played by a single solo instrument). The consensus opinion, though, is that it's not really possible to write a program to generate a MIDI file from an arbitrary .wav file. If I understand correctly, AIFF files would present the same problem.

For much more on this check out these threads:,,,

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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As regular readers of this forum know (also see the above message threads), WAV to MIDI is in general not possible, or unsatisfactory except in limited circumstances.

To clear the confusion, there needs to be an understanding of terminology. WAV and MIDI are not different *formats* for the same thing. They are entirely different things.

A vinyl record (remember those?) is a different *format* of recorded music from a tape, or a CD. Each *format* has benefits and limitations. But in the realm of ordinary music, each *format* can be closely compared to the other in terms of the end result, audible sound. It is possible to convert between them, with little loss.

Likewise, BMP, GIF, and JPG are different *formats* for an image. Each has its benefits and limitations. It is possible to convert between them, with some amount of loss depending on the information content. In many cases, little or no easily detectable loss.

But WAV and MIDI to not contain the same kind of information. WAV is a digitized representation of a sound waveform. MIDI is a sequence of program instructions. They are not different *formats* of the same kind of thing.

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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I have seen the program WAV2MIDI in INTERNET. I don't know if it work well. Chau...chau... Jbal

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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Hens: I send you...

WAV-2-MIDI 1.0
Windows 95 / 98 / NT

Wav-2-Midi is a stand-alone application that converts a wav
file containing audio of a guitar playing, to a Midi file with
the same information.

This version of Wav-2-Midi is capable of monotonic note detection,
as well as an auto-velocity detection feature (which can be turned
off, if the user wishes). Also the sensitivity of the note detection
algorithm is adjustable, allowing you to configure the conversion to
your own playing style.

The appearance of the application is also user-specific, allowing you
to adjust the colors and appearance of all text and buttons. Other
options for display incorporate skins which you can make yourself to
make the application look like you want it to, with a personal touch.

Also included is a Wav Editor for playing and recording wav files, as
well as a Midi File Player for listening to the Midi files produced by
the conversion.

Shareware: unregistered Version will only convert Wav file less than 10
seconds long. Also the unregistered version will not allow you to turn
off the splash screen on startup.

Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2

For more, contact or

Download Software
File is 5299952 bytes long.

Download Times
14.4k Modem 28.8k Modem 33.6k Modem 56k Modem 1-Channel ISDN 2-Channel ISDN T1
49.1 minutes 24.5 minutes 21.0 minutes 13.3 minutes 12.6 minutes 6.3 minutes Less than a minute

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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49 min!! I hope I could transcribe the piece by ear in a shorter time than that.

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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There are several programs I found:

search for these terms in a search engine and you will find alot of stuff about converting wav files to midi, how it works and what to do to get reasonable results.
Shareware versions are available but mostly do only parts of the song. I am experimenting with AmazingMidi right now. Its shareware limitation is 30 days of use, but it converts the whole song!
Worth a try.

Good luck

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Digital Ear is part of the NWC download - I think it's version 1.70 with web service pack 10?

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The NWC setup download contains NWC, and not any other programs.

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Could someone please let me know how to make AmazingMIDI save the converted MIDI file?
Thank you. :)

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can anyone tell me if I can go the other way  i e covert midi into an AIFF file? I am using a G4 and soft sythn so i wanna convert to audio without any loss of quality :)

Re: WAVE or AIFF to MIDI Posibble?

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Quicktime 6 "Pro" (not the free version) can do MII to AIFF. There are other alternatives. ome may be free.