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Beaming Quavers (eighth notes)

This is probably a result of my rusty theory ! I am transcribing some of our Musical Director's scribblings. These are Big Band arrangements. I have just completed one and have a query. I have a bar (in 4/4 key of C)which consists of 4 pairs of eighth notes on chord members followed by an eighth rest and a dotted quarter note (G). The 1st and 3rd pairs are C and E, the 2nd pair are Db and F, the 4th pair are A and C. The previous bar ends with another pair of chord membered eighth notes C and E. There is a slur from the last pair in the previous bar to the eighth rest in the main bar. Now the question, why can I not beam all the notes together, the program will beam the 1st and 2nd pairs in the main bar but not the 3rd and 4th pairs. I hope that all makes sense ! Is there a rule that I have forgotten ?

Re: Beaming Quavers (eighth notes)

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Check the score for dynamic markings, text or other stuff that may be sitting between some of the notes that you are trying to beam together.

I've run into this problem, which is quite frustrating when you want to specify a dynamic or expressive marking in the middle of a beamed set of notes.