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I'm a very new user, and I don't have any MIDI stuff, just an SB 16. Is there any easy way to keep the end of a piece sound natural, rather than being cut off? I'm mostly using piano, and to make things more complicated the scores often end with a local repeat close followed by a master repeat close, so I don't know how to provide a special ending for the final bit.

I would like the piano to die away at the end, rather than stop dead.

Any suggestions?

Cyril N. Alberga

Re: Endings

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I don't know about previous versions, but NWC 1.30f will let you score a tie over a repeat bar. eg.

repeat-open tied-minim tie-symbol rebeat-close-bar tied-to-minim

This will play as minim, followed by a minim tied to another minim. You can then just notate a tied note to a final bar which will allow the notes time to decay.

A second method would be to use special endings on the last bar of your repeats. Your first special ending would be just as normal, with the repeat close at the end of it, but your second could add an extra bar and tie the notes to get the extra sound.

Hope this helps,


Re: Endings

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Thanks for the note. I'll try the ties. I don't think special will work in the cases of the local immediatly followed by the major repeat closes, as local's don't take special endings, and it would have to apply only on the last local repetition of the last major repetition, which is probably much too much to ask.

Thanks again Cyril

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Well, I tried to add ties over repeat bars, but NWC refused to allow them. I'm using the latest down-load, too. If there is any secret to making them "stick" PLEASE tell me.

In general, I am finding that a score for display has to be different from a score for listening. Trills and other ornaments are the obvious cases. Is there any may to keep to scores co-ordinated, so the print and play don't get out of sync?

Also, while I'm at it, is there any way to get better MIDI import? I have noted two phenomena, first, export and import are NOT symetric. What comes back does not look like what went out. I don't know where the differences are introduced, but this would seem to limit the ability to share scores with people using other software. Second, MIDI files which I have downloaded sound distinctly different when I play them directly, say with QuickPlay, or when I import them into NWC and play them there. Generally, the result in NWC is very poor. What (if anything) can be done about these cases?

Cyril N. Alberga

Re: Endings

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You're right Cyril, some export/import don't look the same.

If you want notes to have their full length, use the 'Legato' style on each staff (does anyone know how to HIDE it ? I superimpose them for now), this will improve export quality ; for triplets, I'm afraid they often are badly translated (at import time??) but what I use is a macro (with the goold old macro Recorder(.Exe) of Win3.1) to restore it as a real triplet. (I often use macros, I'll upload them asap !)

I did some other tricks in the past, but can't remind of them for now.

Hope this helps, Dominique 'Marsu'

Re: Endings

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I was having the same problem. The "tie-over" did not seem to resolve the situation. Instead, what I have done is go to "Insert", "Multi Controller", and then select volume, linear sweep, and at the bottom of the menu screen, provide for a reducing volume at each beat with a "zero" volume on the final beat of the played note. The keyboard shortcut for the multivolume controller is "L". Hope this helps.