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Non-contiguous 1/8 beams

Is there a way to beam two eight notes with an eighth rest in-between (as in a 6/8 time march)?

Re: Non-contiguous 1/8 beams

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Yes, but it's a bit fiddly. Put a 1/8 note where the rest should be, and hide the note using the Visibility tab = never. Now insert a rest as text (using the NWCV15.TTF font, the 1/8 rest is lower-case o. Set its alignment "at next note/bar" with Preserve Width off.

Now you've got what you need visually, but you still have an errant note. Insert just before it a hidden ppp with velocity override = 1, and put another hidden dynamic afterwards to restore the desired dynamic level.

Told you it was fiddly... :)

Re: Non-contiguous 1/8 beams

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You can also use the layering method described in the User Tips section off the home page. The advantage to Fred's method, i think, is that you only have to do it once. Then copy/paste the whole kitn'kaboodle as you need it.