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1.70 review.

i was disappointed to find that in version 1.70 the most terribly frustrating thing for me hasn't been fixed -that when you click the preview tab in page setup you lose the contents tab. i hate that so much it slows me down 5 seconds every time i print out a different part. in fact can you make the page setup so i can change the size but not let me make it too big. i hate the little arrow.

i like the right click to enter a note. can you also make a note menu so i can choose quaver or crochet etc. i would like that. also I'm not sure about up and down arrows to select a channel number in properties - i like a selection list with all the numbers i can see at once.

otherwise i am happy. i have upgraded from version 1.4 or 1.5 i'm not sure. but it looks nice and the preview screen is much improved.

however, i still cannot use noteworthy as my sole notation program. i have also purchased another program for around the same price because it does drum notation. it's interface is not good and it has much fewer features. i was surprised not to find drum notation in the noteworthy program yet. is this an oversight on your behalf? i don't understand the difficulty.
why can't you add a drum icon so when i click enter to enter a note the note has a drum head?
i also found the import much improved, it understands my midi imports much better and i am grateful. i have had no problems with my last lot of work. (however i can't print it in noteworthy because i cant print the drum parts and i don't want my parts to look different, and i also want to print a conductor score for the percussion parts but this is not going to happen)

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I've been waiting for drum notation since 1996.

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I had the same problem until I realized that the slider underneath in that window scolls back and forth sideways, and there is no a problem at all.

The other day I wondered what had happened to my hidden notation until I noticed that I had made it the same color of gray as the background.