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zooming in on lyrics

Since I uploaded the new version 7.0 I can't zoom in on the lyrics (zooming in on the music before going to lyrics doesn't work). The lyric editor text is so small I can't read it - any ideas,

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Re: zooming in on lyrics

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I am not sure what is going on here. The screen zoom used to affect the lyric font size, but now it does not. I think this is a good thing, but it does not explain your problem. Have you checked you lyric font size to see if for some reason it is small?

Re: zooming in on lyrics

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I've noticed this too and it appears that in 1.70 the size of the lyrics in the Lyrics Editor will be equivalent to the size of the font that is chosen for Staff Lyrics. Which in my opinion is not so good as it makes editing much more difficult because you have to increase Staff Lyrics font size to work on the lyrics and then decrease it back to the optimal size for printing the piece you are working on.

Re: zooming in on lyrics

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Correct. The lyric is now shown in the size and style specified in File | Page Setup.

Re: zooming in on lyrics

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In the previous versions, zooming at the main window used to effect the lyrics editor and it was the same with the betas. That was a fault which is now corrected because when you zoomed out to view all the parts, say, in a full orchestral score, it was impossible to see the lyrics.

But it's seen that viewing the lyrics in their actual font size doesn't either make some users happy, so, what about a fixed font size for lyrics editor?

Or maybe an independent zooming function? (Ummmh... I think this is too much.)

Re: zooming in on lyrics

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The lyrics work awesomely for me! thanks noteworthy