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1.70 has been released

Has anyone noticed that version 1.70 has finally been released? Anyone nervous about using a Beta product can now get the "real" thing. Check out the new Print Preview - one (right) click get you a fully zoomed view of the place where you clicked.

I was surprised to see the wording "shareware version" on the Noteworthy site. It suggests that you don't have to pay for it. I think "evaluation version" would be better. Are there really two different versions?

Re: 1.70 has been released

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Yes, of course, I've waited for this so long, so I immediately downloaded the new version. The "Upgrade" file, however, didn't work on my computer (or was I too impatient?), but installing the entire programme again worked fine (I'm a registered user and gladly recommend this superb, inexpensive software to all friends).


Re: 1.70 has been released

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Blair, you wrote:
>I was surprised to see the wording "shareware version" on the Noteworthy site. It suggests that you don't have to pay for it.

Unless you live in the same country as I, where people sometimes doesn't want to understand the difference between share- and free-ware, shareware means that you do not have the right to use the product freely. You'll have to pay in some manner some day.
Evaluation version are different: imagine an evaluation version of a WordProcessor: you'd have access to bold and underlining, but that's all. The other cacpabilities are just promises. Sometimes true, sometimes not.
Just as a much higher priced product to write scores. You can't do anything with it, since it's an evaluation version.

But shareware authors have different vision of their program; sometimes they limit the product too (ex.: you would write only 4 measures with NWC), sometimes not (just a message at the startup or end of the program). Sometimes some functions are limited (in NWC, you can't save the same file more than 10 times), or you're limited to a certain duration of use (morally, 30days with NWC. After your consciousness will haunt you until you give the authors the reward they merit. Or throw away the program, for your misfortune).

Anyway, the ASP (not µ$, but the association or Authors of Shareware Programs) try to make the difference clearly.

As a Share/card/free-ware author myself, I conceive this may not be clear for anyone :)
Especially here in France :(