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Hesitation on Playback on 32-Bit (Win95) NWC

I had been experiencing noticeable hesitation on playback when the screen redraws the next set of notes/staffs. I asked Eric H. about this matter.

His reply was "The 32-bit edition of NWC will not perform as well as the 16-bit edition. Why? This is because the Windows 95 timer services in 32-bit land are not very good. The 16-bit timer services work better when in Windows 95. When playback reliability is the critical factor, you should use the 16-bit edition. When safety, extra dialog help, and multi- tasking are the key factors, then the 32-bit edition is the one to use. On Windows NT, it seems best to use the 32-bit edition exclusively, as far as I know."

I compared several of my notated arrangements in both 16-bit and 32-bit mode. 16-Bit playback in Win95 indeed corrected the problem.

If you perceive hesitations in your playback of NWC arrangement then using 16-Bit in Win95 may be the answer. It was for me.

Re: Hesitation on Playback on 32-Bit (Win95) NWC

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I had the same problems before I contacted Eric for the solution. I might note that I recently got a new system with Windows 95B. The problem has not been fixed with the latest version of Windows.