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Fusing staffs together?

I am using NoteWorthy Composer 1.55b.

I have been wondering if there is a way to automatically fuse staffs together, and automatically generating chords or something...



Re: Fusing staffs together?

Reply #2 worked... thanks!

Re: Fusing staffs together?

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Well... almost. What this does is mainly just putting them one over another.
I was thinking about actually fusing them, so that it would automatically make the chord arrangements and change the keys so that it respects the clef or something... not just crushing a symbol over another, it looks like some kind of alien music :)

Re: Fusing staffs together?

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One way to actually fuse them together is to use the following trick:

Delete all staves except the ones you want to merge.
Put all the remaining staves on the same midi channel.
Export (Save As... in V1.70) Type 0 midi.
Re-import the midi into a new NWC file, you can then copy the resulting single staff and paste into your original arrangement.

Do this before you spend much time tweaking (dynamics, etc.) because they'll be ignored on re-import.

It should be noted that with V1.70's new "hide anything" feature, the "alien music" problem has been overcome. As noted in the program help file, layering was an experimental feature in 1.55x, whereas it is fully implemented in the new release.

Re: Fusing staffs together?

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Thanks a lot, however, I can't find anything about version 1.7 on this site... it looks like 1.55b was the latest release. Maybe it's an upgrade patch or something?

Re: Fusing staffs together?

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No, V1.70 is presently in beta-testing. You can either wait for it to go into public release, or if you want to take part in the beta-testing program just go to Noteworthy's site at and you'll see the link to the beta area.

Re: Fusing staffs together?

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I downloaded 1.7 and your method works perfectly! Thanks a lot!