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Chord containing a rest

Noteworthy 1.3F help reads: "A chord containing a rest is created by first placing the rest, and then adding one or more notes to that rest. The duration of the rest must be smaller than that of the notes that are added to it."

I have found that I can add a rest and then a note that is larger than the rest and not have the chord member command work. In fact it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. I have need for a piano score with different voicings and it is difficult to handle the rest with chords. Can anyone help ?

Re: Chord containing a rest

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Are you using the stem direction tools? It is important to note that NWC considers a rest to have a "stem direction" when you are combining it with notes. If the rest has a stem direction, and the note is given the same stem direction, the add attempt will fail. This is also true for notes with differing durations but the same stem direction.

If this does not resolve the problem, perhaps you can provide a scenario that fails, and sent it to us.

I hope this helps.