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I have found two possible problems with version 1.31b. 1. The double lined left bracket in the orchestral partition is now reduced to one line. 2. When loading an NWC file wriiten with a previous version, occasionally whole bar rests (i.e. semibreves) in three four time are misread as minim rests. This can be corrected by replacing the rest with one representing the true rest i.e. a dotted minim, 3 crotchet rests etc. It would be nice and more correct to write a whole bar rest in any time signiture with a semibreve rest.

Has anyone else had problems here?



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As I mentioned in my reply to your email of the same subject, I do not understand your point #1. As for point 2, the first thing to try is the Refresh command on the View menu. In general, a whole rest that appears alone in a bar will assume the value of a whole bar based on the time signature.

I hope this helps.



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For point 1: In an empty file create a new staff. Note that at the very beginning of that staff there are two lines. Now change that staff's appearance to from standard to orchestral in the properties dialogue (I beleive it is in the tab marked "Visual" or something like that). You will notice that the two lines have been reduced to one. If you open up an old file, made with the previous version that already has it in orchestral format, you will see that there are two lines. If you add a new staff to this file and make it orchestral though, it will show only one line. If you change one of those old staves to standard and then back to orchestral, you have the same problem. In a proper score fro a publisher, though, there will always be two lines. I beleive that this is the problem trying to be described earlier.

Neeraj Mathur