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Removing text from an .nwv file

I am trying to remove the ENGLISH lyrics/text from a  .nwc file from the Scriptorum, so that I can use the file for German users.
How can I remove them, as the delete command doesnt seem to respond?


Re: Removing text from an .nwv file

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Load the nwc file into NoteWorthy composer. 
Click on the line that has the lyrics in.
Press Ctrl and L
This will open up the lyrics for that line.
You can then select all of the lyrics (so that they turn blue)   CTRL and A will do this.
Then press delete.

You will then need to put in the German lyrics if that is what you want to to , remembering to follow the rules for NoteWorthy Composer lyrics.  (ie one syllable per note or tied note with a "-" between syllables within the same word. etc.)