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Cue notes below multi-measure rests

I'm using the workaround from this topic
to try and post some cues for the percussionist to know where he is during long rests. I would like the cues to be directly under the start of the multi-measure rest. In the attached, I try the cues both before and after the rests, but I cannot get the cues under the rests. I also tried spacers in measures 3-8. Is it possible?


Re: Cue notes below multi-measure rests

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I haven't tried it, but in the lower staff I would use either single bar rests, or perhaps hidden notes to attach the grace notes to, or better still use the "" user object to create the cues from headless normal notes where you want the cues, and the remainder of the rest period with multibar rests, hide the barline.

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Ok, possible example using CueHeads attached

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