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Coloured text from PageTxtMaestro / PageTxt Objects.

Just in case I'm not the only one who didn't know:
I recently had need for coloured text from PageTxtMaestro / PageTxt objects.

My initial thought was to set the color attribute of the PageTxt object which sets the text to be displayed.  Imagine my dismay when this didn't result in coloured text  :o

So I thought to explore a little and discovered that if I set the colour attribute of the PageTxtMaestro object itself then the colour of text printed as a result of subsequent PageTxt objects were the colour I wanted.

In practice, if you want several PageTxt objects and only 1 of them is to be different to the default, then you have a few choices, but the easiest would be to:
  • place a PageTxtMaestro object,
  • place the PageTxt objects that are to be the default colour,
  • then place a second PageTxtMaestro object and set its "Item Color" to the desired highlight
  • and finally place the PageTxt object that defines the required text.

If there are several colour changes to be made, then place further PageTxtMaestro objects and set their colours accordingly.
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Re: Coloured text from PageTxtMaestro / PageTxt Objects.

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This is one of the characteristics of user objects: any text and graphics that they render are in the color of the drawing object. For the PageTxtMaestro system, the PageTxt objects are placeholders that describe what text needs to be drawn, and PageTxtMaestro does all of the actual drawing. The only thing that PageTxt draws is the oval label on the editing screen that describes the style of the object. So actually, if you set the color of individual PageTxt objects, the drawn labels will be in that color.