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Dear friends, I am transcribing a male choral song that includes solo parts (bass, second tenor, baritone and first tenor in order). When the soloist sings, the other voices decrease in volume. I am trying to learn the use of the MPC but I cannot get a good result. The MPC window, opened and reopened several times, does not allow itself to be tamed. Do you have any advice? Thank you and good evening. Lorenzo


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Ciao Lorenzo,
I suppose you want the volume decreasing slowly, do you?

So, let's start by selecting "Volume" or, better, "Expression", in the MPC dialog.
Then select "Linear sweep".
Then, depending on how many subleties you want to insert, decide the granularity. Usually "Quarter" is ok.
Normally "Expression" is at 255, so let's start with 0 as time offset and 255 as controller value.
Then your target: let's suppose it's 4/4 later, so you must check "Setting 2", select 4 as time offset and,  for example, 127 as controller value.
That's it, but remember that, until you set a new value for "Expression", the last value remains in effect.

One last note: if the time span is short, using a sweep with a "step resolution" of 1 can overload the MIDI channel and, maybe worse, can not reach the target, so use a bigger step.
When the step is too big then you can hear the steps.


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Thanks Maurizio, I'll try to follow your protocol. I immediately had an uncertainty: in my MPC window the values of the "Expression" controller range from 0 to 127, as for "Volume".


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Different MPC controllers have different ranges (and other values). If you open the MPC dialog, fold out the combobox for selecting the controller and then leaf through the controllers with cursor-down/up, you can see that the ranges change for the first few (all the lower ones have a 0...127 range).

And yes, "Volume" has a range of 0...127, and a default value of 64, even though the default channel volume for a staff (Midi tab in Staff Properties) equals 127 - which is a little inconsistent.